Mission Statement

Mission: We exist to make a difference in young girls lives through the promotion of excellent mental, physical and emotional well being for all through sports and social events. 

Purpose: Promoting self-esteem, self-respect and self-acceptance in young girls through hard work and education despite the financial disparities that exist in third world countries, such as Haiti.

Vision: Be recognized for the promotion of excellence in self acceptance, self esteem and self confidence. 

Develop a highly coordinated human experience 

Be distinguished by the quality of our young girls 

Values: Confidence Above All. The girls will demonstrate their confidence through their actions and behaviors. 

Self Acceptance … by acting with dignity and striving to be the best, no matter the geographical place of birth. 

Self Esteem … by believing in their maximum potential without fear of society’s rejection

Self Confidence…By valuing education in order to excel to the maximum in all aspects of life. 

Why EVS Smile Foundation

Version Française

Creole Version

“You can't control where you are born, but you can control where you go and who you become”

My name is Edna Aurelus. I was born and raised in Haiti, an impoverished country where misery can be seen daily in multiple young faces. However, to me, succumbing to that was not an option. Growing up in Haiti, I resented poverty; in my mind I think big, very big even when I did not know what big was. I knew that what I wanted to be was not what I was seeing around me. 

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